Mission Statement

In a 2017 Ted talk, Ryan Lupberger talked about how millennials claim to support environmentally friendly products and companies, however, only a fraction end up following through. 

As a millennial myself, I spent a lot of time thinking about this talk and became inspired to follow through and take action.

When it comes to the environment, are we mostly talk and no action?

Regardless of whether the answer is yes or no, I believe that everyone, not just millennials, can do more to help create a more sustainable society. 

The first step is supporting eco-friendly businesses and brands and buying their sustainable products.  So what is stopping people from purchasing sustainable products?

Sustainable vs. Consumer Brands

Some people believe that sustainable products do not work as well as common consumer brands.  

Although this is sometimes true and a valid point, the purpose of this website is to provide consumers with a convenient place to find products and brands that are not just sustainable but effective and well-designed as well.

Where are the Sustainable Products?

There can be a narrative that sustainable products are not readily available.  It can sometimes be frustrating and hard to find good sustainable products and brands.  Typing “sustainable products” into Google gives you countless articles titled Top twenty-five sustainable products of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.

Another goal of this website is to educate and inform consumers.  To protect people from greenwashing and to provide in-depth information into why a particular product or brand is sustainable or not.

I will call upon my background in environmental science and sustainability.  I have earned a bachelor's and masters degree in environmental science.

I have also worked at an environmental aquatic toxicology laboratory, where I helped protect our oceans, waterways, and environment for over three years and now currently work in a government laboratory testing wastewater and drinking water.

The Costs of Sustainable Products

Another reason some people don’t buy sustainable products is because they think that they are too expensive.  

As a person who browses and buys a lot of sustainable products, I believe that it is feasible to create a more sustainable lifestyle while not breaking the bank. You just have to find the right sustainable products and brands.  

Even if it is switching to one or two sustainable products, every change, no matter how small, matters. Knowing why a particular product or brand is sustainable and environmentally friendly will only add value to the product.

The Future

There are thousands of sustainable products available to us, covering almost every aspect of our lives.  Companies are quickly recognizing that consumers are becoming more and more environmentally and socially conscious.  

New and better sustainable products are being put on the market every day, and it is our mission to find and showcase them.  I hope that Sustainable Selections will become your go-to website for finding great sustainable products.

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