Sustainable Selections is the go-to website for sustainable options for every aspect of our lives.  From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, making conscious choices is an important step to a greener future.

This blog also aims to provide its readers with in-depth information on what makes a brand or product sustainable, tips and guides on how to be more sustainable, and other various environmental topics.

By providing readers with expert practical tips and information, this blog aims to inspire and empower individuals to make eco-friendly choices.

This blog was established in the Summer of 2023 by an environmental scientist who wants to share his knowledge and passion with the world.

My name is Derek Ma, and I am the founder of Sustainable Selections. 

Sustainability is not just a hobby for me but a life-long passion.

My passion for protecting the environment started in 2010 when I took AP environmental science in high school.  

I loved this class and subject and knew that I wanted to pursue a degree in it.

After graduating high school, I enrolled at the University of Oregon and got my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. 


Studying environmental science allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the intricate connections between humans and nature. 

I learned about various environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, and became equipped with the knowledge to address these challenges. 

After graduating from college, I found a job at an environmental aquatic toxicology laboratory, where I worked to protect our oceans, waterways, and environment for over four years.

While working at this job, I also pursued my Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University.  

I wanted to become an expert and learn to be a more responsible steward of the planet.  

After receiving my Master’s degree, I switched jobs and started working for a public works environmental laboratory, where I monitor and test wastewater and drinking water.  

I still work at this job and have been in this role for over two years.  

It is my dream to continue to grow this blog and solidify myself as an expert and leader in sustainability.  And also help pay off my student loans.

This is not my first attempt at making a sustainability blog (EverythingEarthFriendly and Green Authority).  I have learned and grown from both attempts.  

I will continue to grow and learn to provide accurate and well-informed content.  I promise to be genuine and transparent as I promote various sustainable brands and products. And I also promise to continue making this blog better and worthy of your viewership.

Thank you for supporting Sustainable Selections. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations to thrive.

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