6 Sustainable Underwear Brands for the Eco-Conscious

Derek Ma Sep 08, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Tips for Choosing Sustainable Underwear
    1. Materials:
    2. Manufacturing:
    3. Durability:
    4. Social Responsibility:
  2. Popular Sustainable Underwear Brands
  3. 1. Boody
  4. 2. Colie Co
  5. 3. Girlfriend
  6. 4. Hu-ha
  7. 5. Organic Basics
  8. 6. Patagonia
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  10. Final Thoughts on Sustainable Underwear

In today's fast-paced world, it is essential to pay attention to the environmental impact of every product we consume, including the garments closest to our skin. 

Sustainable underwear is not only a trendy concept; it is a necessary step towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a healthier planet.

Tips for Choosing Sustainable Underwear

There are several ways you can make a more sustainable choice when it comes to your undergarments.


Opt for organic and natural materials. Traditional cotton production involves the use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which not only harm the environment but also pose health risks to farmers and workers. 

By choosing underwear made from organic cotton or other natural fibers like bamboo or hemp, you can help reduce the use of harmful chemicals and support more sustainable farming practices.

Also Look for brands that use recycled materials like recycled poly or nylon, these materials have a lower environmental impact and reduce the need for new resource extraction. 


Consider the production process of the brand you're buying from. 

Look for companies that prioritize ethical manufacturing practices, fair trade, and transparency. 

Many brands now provide information about their supply chains and certifications, such as Fairtrade or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). 

These certifications ensure that the production of underwear meets strict environmental and social criteria, including fair wages and safe working conditions.


Another important aspect to consider is the longevity of the underwear. Fast fashion has taught us to buy cheap and disposable items, but this approach is neither sustainable nor economical in the long run. 

Look for underwear made with durable materials and quality construction to ensure they last longer. Investing in fewer, high-quality pieces not only reduces waste but also saves you money in the long term.

Social Responsibility:

When searching for sustainable brands, it is essential to consider their social responsibility initiatives. Sustainable brands should not only focus on environmental conservation but also strive to impact society positively.

Brands that support local communities through various initiatives, such as donating a portion of their profits to charitable causes or partnering with non-profit organizations, demonstrate a solid commitment to social responsibility.

By selecting brands that prioritize social responsibility, consumers can make a conscious choice to support companies that align with their values and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Popular Sustainable Underwear Brands

1. Boody

Price: $12 - $40

For: Men and women

Material: Bamboo Viscose and Recycled Nylon

Social and Environmental: B Corporation, Retold (textile recycling service), Ecocert (Organic certification), FSC (Bamboo material from FSC-certified forests), OEKO-TEX certification (Finished fabric has no harmful chemicals)

Partners with Goodbye Malaria, Circle of Love Center, and Bridge of Hope SD.

Sustainable Packaging: Biodegradable bags, recycled and recyclable boxes that are printed on with vegetable ink.

Transparency Score: 8 out of 10

Not only is Boody Sustainable Underwear good for the planet, but it also offers superior comfort and functionality. 

The sustainable bamboo fabric used in their underwear is incredibly soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. 

This makes it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Boody's innovative design and high-quality construction ensure a perfect fit that stays in place all day, providing maximum comfort and support.

Collie Co Underwear

2. Colie Co

Price: $20 - 55

For: Women

Material: Tencel Bamboo and recycled polyester fabric (primarily reconstituted plastic drink bottles)

Social and Environmental: OEKO Tex Certified (Finished fabric has no harmful chemicals), ECO Cert, Global Recycled Standard, FSC

Manufacture In-house (Full and fair living wage, safe, comfortable working environment)

Works with Carbonfund.org to offset all shipping related emissions.  

Committed to not using any animal derived fabric, glues, waxes, or etc.

Sustainable Packaging: light-weight, recycled and recyclable packaging

Transparency Score: 8 out of 10

Colie Co’s mission is to change the way in which people think about ethical and sustainable clothing.

Colie Co. stands out with its dedication to slow, thoughtful production. They believe in creating pieces that are both beautiful and sustainable, ensuring that every step of their supply chain is environmentally friendly. 

Their materials include Tencel bamboo and recycled polyester fabrics, both of which are better alternatives to their conventional counterparts. 

Another important aspect of sustainable production for Colie Co is their commitment to reducing carbon emissions. 

They actively work towards minimizing their carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient practices in their production processes, as well as sourcing materials locally to reduce transportation emissions. 

By prioritizing sustainability, Colie Co not only contributes to a healthier planet but also sets an example for other fashion brands to follow.

Girlfriend Collective Underwear

3. Girlfriend

Price: $42 - 88

For: Women

Material: Recycled polyester and recycled nylon (post-consumer water bottles and fishing nets retrieved from the oceans)

Social and Environmental: Designed for all sizes, Uses eco-friendly dyes, responsible water recycling (wastewater cleaned and cooled before release), OEKO Tex Certified (Finished fabric has no harmful chemicals), Social Acountability standard (Factory standardized guidelines)

Transparency Score: 7 out of 10

Girlfriend Collective is a brand that understands the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. 

They prioritize sustainability by using recycled materials to create their underwear. 

Each piece is made from a blend of recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial nylon waste, transforming these materials into soft, durable, and breathable fabrics. 

By repurposing waste, Girlfriend Collective prevents thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and contributes to a circular economy.

Hu-ha underwear

4. Hu-ha

Price: $24 - 48

For: Women

Material: Tencel and smartcel (Sustainable cellulose fabrics), enhanced with mineral zinc oxide 

Social and Environmental: 1% of every Hu-Ha purchase is donated to a non-profit of your choice (e.g Women's Health Research Institute, Brave Trails, Point of Pride, and more), OEKO Tex Certified (Finished fabric has no harmful chemicals)

Transparency Score: 7 out of 10

Hu-Ha Underwear, founded by Alexa Suter, believes in helping women love themselves for the natural beauties they are.

Hu Ha Underwear boasts a collection that caters to all body types and preferences. 

Whether you prefer a snug fit or a looser feel, Hu Ha offers a range of cuts, sizes, and materials to suit your individual needs.

Hu-Ha Underwear also recognizes the urgent need for environmentally friendly undergarments by prioritizing the use of sustainable cellulose fiber.

Organic Basics Underwear

5. Organic Basics

Price: $14 - 36

For: Men and women

Material: Organic cotton, recycled cotton and nylon, 

Social and Environmental: Partnered with One Carbon World to offset carbon emissions in production and shipping.  Certified B Corp.

Transparency Score: 9 out of 10

One of the key features of Organic Basics underwear is the use of organic cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

This not only helps to protect the environment but also ensures that the cotton used in the underwear is free from any potentially harmful chemicals. 

Additionally, Organic Basics incorporates recycled materials, such as nylon and cotton, into their products, reducing the need for new resources and minimizing waste. 

The brand also embraces a minimalist design approach, creating underwear that is both versatile and stylish, making it suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. 

Whether you are looking for a classic pair of briefs, comfortable boxer shorts, or seamless thongs, Organic Basics offers a variety of options to suit your personal style and preferences.

Their minimalist designs are timeless, ensuring longevity in your wardrobe while reducing your environmental impact.

Patagonia Underwear

6. Patagonia

Price: $19 - 25

For: Men and women

Material: Recycled polyester, Hemp, Organic Cotton, nylon, merino wool

Manufacturing: Factories in the US, Asia, Europe, and Central and South America

Social and Environmental: Fair Trade certified factories, B Corporation, 1% for the Planet, Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

Transparency Score: 9 out of 10

Patagonia has established itself as a trailblazer in the clothing and outdoor apparel industry.

Patagonia has made it their mission to produce clothing that not only meets the demands of outdoor adventurers but also minimizes harm to the environment. 

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their business, from materials to production methods. 

Patagonia places a strong emphasis on using recycled and organic materials, reducing waste, and supporting fair trade practices.

Why You Should Trust My Website:

First and foremost, my educational background and qualifications contribute to my credibility on the topics I cover. 

I hold a bachelor's and master's degree in environmental science and have spent years studying and researching to develop a deep understanding of sustainable products and brands.


This expertise allows me to provide accurate and well-informed content.

Furthermore, my professional experience in the environmental industry adds to my credibility. Over the years, I have gained practical experience and insights through working in the government and private environmental sectors.

This hands-on experience allows me to offer practical advice and solutions to the challenges my readers may face, making my content more relatable and trustworthy.

Final Thoughts on Sustainable Underwear

Adopting sustainable underwear is a small yet impactful step towards creating a more environmentally friendly fashion industry. 

It is encouraging to see a growing number of sustainable underwear brands emerging in the market, offering consumers more choices in their efforts to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ultimately, sustainable underwear is not just about reducing waste and pollution; it is about redefining our relationship with fashion and embracing a more conscious approach to our clothing choices. 

By supporting brands that prioritize sustainability, we can contribute to the collective effort of creating a fashion industry that respects both people and the planet. 

So, let's make a conscious decision to choose sustainable underwear and be part of the movement towards a greener, cleaner, and more ethical future.

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Table of Contents
  1. Tips for Choosing Sustainable Underwear
    1. Materials:
    2. Manufacturing:
    3. Durability:
    4. Social Responsibility:
  2. Popular Sustainable Underwear Brands
  3. 1. Boody
  4. 2. Colie Co
  5. 3. Girlfriend
  6. 4. Hu-ha
  7. 5. Organic Basics
  8. 6. Patagonia
  9. Why You Should Trust My Website:
  10. Final Thoughts on Sustainable Underwear