From Waste to Wonder: How Regrained is Revolutionizing Food Sustainability

Derek Ma Oct 17, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. The Regrained Story
  2. Regrained Environmental Responsibility
  3. Regrained is a Certified B Corporation
  4. Regrained 1% For the Planet
  5. Where Can I Find Regrained Products?

The Regrained Story

Regrained upcycles spent grains and turns them into their tasty puff snacks and bars.

So, how did this great idea start?

While in college, Jordan and Dan learned how to brew their own beer.  

They found that for every six-pack of beer they brewed, there was one pound of grain left over.

However, instead of throwing it away, the two friends started baking with it. 

The initial goal was to sell the baked goods and make enough money to brew beer for free.  

However, what started as a way to keep enjoying their home brewing hobby eventually turned into a great and sustainable business.

Spent grains make up almost 85% of the by-products from beer production. 

This leads to breweries producing billions of pounds of spent grain each year.

Fortunately, these spent grains can have additional use and incredible nutritional value.  

The sugar from the grains goes into the beer, and what is left behind is the plant protein, prebiotic fiber, and micronutrients.

People and companies can harvest these spent grains and mill them into what Regrained calls “Supergrains.”  

And “super” they definitely are!

Supergrains have 55% more dietary fiber than wheat flour, 24% more protein than quinoa, and 26% fewer calories than wheat flour.  

Regrained Bars

Regrained Environmental Responsibility

Regrained’s mission: “To better align the food we eat with the planet we love.”  

They have aligned their actions with their mission. Regrained has upcycled more than 650,000 pounds of grain.

Upcycling is very important, especially since almost 40% of the food in the United States is never eaten!

Regrained should also be commended for their efforts and transparency of their product packaging.

The company partnered up with OSC2 packaging collaborative to create a high-barrier compostable packaging for their products.

B Corp Logo

Regrained is a Certified B Corporation

Regrained was certified as a B-Corporation in March of 2018. 

They were one of several companies to make the 2019 Best For The World: Environment list.

In order to become a certified B-Corporation, a company must have a minimum score of 80. 

Companies must go through several assessments and become verified by B-Labs, a third party global non-profit organization.

There are five “impact” areas where you can receive scores: governance, workers, customers, community, and environment.

The scores from each area are added up to give a company its overall B Impact Score.  

Regrained’s current overall B Impact Score is 103. For comparison, the median score for ordinary businesses is 50.9.  

Regrained has high scores in the environment and community areas with scores of 33.0 and 23.6, respectively.

You can see the breakdown of the scores of each particular area on the B Corp Website

For example, Regrained received 9.0 for Land & Life, 7.4 for resource conservation, and 6.6 for environmental management.

1% for the planet logo

Regrained 1% For the Planet

Regrained is also a member of 1% for the planet, which means that 1% of the company's annual sales goes toward supporting the environment.

1% for the planet, which started in 2002, now consists of over 1,200 member companies and thousands of approved non-profit partners in more than 40 countries.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated to environmental non-profits.

Where Can I Find Regrained Products?

You can find their products at your local retailers. Use Regrained’s store locator to find the closest store near you.

You can also buy their products through Amazon and have them delivered to you.


Table of Contents
  1. The Regrained Story
  2. Regrained Environmental Responsibility
  3. Regrained is a Certified B Corporation
  4. Regrained 1% For the Planet
  5. Where Can I Find Regrained Products?